Artesanía Molero

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Who we are

ARTESANIA V. MOLERO, S.A. It is a totally handcrafted company that work from 1888 uninterrupted. At present, it is leaded by Jesús Molero Sabador, great-grandson of the founder, devoted to the family tradition.

Its specialty, cabinets of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, complements itself in all kinds of furniture for interior decoration and restoration of antique pieces.

In the development of its labour, woods such as ebony, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, bone, etc., are still being used. Techniques and materials are the same as long ago. Incrusted inlays and engravings are hand-made ​​with a buril (sharp steel pencil) following ancient techniques and traditional designs.

A large number of masterpieces distributed in palaces an mansions worldwide, has been made by MOLERO family though four generations.

This firm has been awarded over 25 prizes, both national and international. However, the best prize for Artesanía MOLERO, is the fact of maintaining customers and suppliers that have already belonged to its forbears.

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